FlySafair Travel Management Portal

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FlySafair Travel Management

FlySafair is hugely excited to have inventory available to the travel trade through a multitude of channels. This page is intended to offer trade partners an overview of the airline as well as how to access our inventory.


FlySafair Overview

Airline Overview

FlySafair is part of Safair Operations, a long-standing stalwart in the global aviation with over 50 years of experience. Click on the buttons below to find out more about the airline and to access things like our schedule, BBBEE certifications, IOSA certifications and a company profile that you can share with your clients.


FlySafair Travel Agent Portal      FlySafair GDS      FlySafair Public Website

Distribution Channels

Our inventory is available to the trade through our public website, our own dedicated Travel Management Portal and via the various GDS channels. Click on the relevant channel to get more info on how each works.

FlySafair has the best on-time performance in South Africa

No More Delayed Clients

FlySafair boasts the best on-time performance record of all airlines in the world, according to OAG, meaning that the days of having your client stranded or delayed will be a thing of the past. Give FlySafair a try today and wait for those emails from satisfied clients.