Keeping you safe

At FlySafair, your safety has always been our primary concern, and with the COVID-19 pandemic being a reality in our world, we’ve had to make a few adjustments to ensure you are as safe from viral transmission as possible.


Our compulsory R20 COVID-19 Fee includes all the below mentioned combative measures over and above our regular cleaning, and the provision of masks and sanitizer, required to make your flight as safe as possible.

Deep Cleaning the Aircraft

Our aircraft are deep cleaned every evening. The interiors and cockpit are cleaned Using a specialized product called Sani-Cide EX3 which is an aircraft grade, antibacterial and antiviral cleaning solution which has been confirmed to be effective in combatting COVID-19. The teams clean the whole aircraft and pay special attention to common touch areas like seatbelts, tray tables, handles, buttons, air vents, overhead bin closures, and the bathroom areas.

As an extra measure the aircraft are then sprayed down using electrostatic sprayers loaded with a detergent called Chemserve Aerosan. This detergent sanitizer is highly effective in combatting viruses and bacteria and boasts an extended dwell time. This means that the active, disinfecting ingredients remain active on the surfaces that they areapplied to for an extended period of time.

The electrostatic spaying devices are also key. These devices release a mist of charged droplets which are attracted to surfaces much like static electricity will attract hairs for example. These droplets permeate every hidden nook and cranny ensuring that the aircraft is thoroughly disinfected.


Masks have proven to be very effective in combatting the spread of COVID-19. We require that all staff and all passengers wear masks for the duration of their journey with us. We will provide all passengers with sanitised masks, sealed for your protection, before boarding. We ask that passengers discard of this packaging in the bins provided before boarding to avoid contamination. Crew also wear masks fitted with Airlaid spunlace disposable filters to protect them and our customers.

No Touch

There is no need for a customer to touch any surface up until you are required to fasten your seatbelt.

We’ve implemented a strict no-touch policy to avoid direct contact between our teams and our customers and to avoid contact on shared surfaces. Specifically:

  • We encourage customers to use our mobile or WhatsApp boarding passesBoarding passes should be scanned by customers themselves without touching the scanner surfaces.
  • ID documents should be presented to the team, but not handed to anyone.
  • There will not be any magazines on board to prevent surface contamination across surfaces, but customers are encouraged to download digital copies into their personal devices before boarding.
  • No catering will be available on board to prevent touching of shared surfaces.

Keeping hands clean

Each passenger will be required to clean their hands with COVID-19 combatting hand sanitizer when boarding. This will be provided by our crew as you enter the aircraft.

Crew also have additional sanitizer on board should customers require any.

Our lavatories are also stocked with Celeste Sanitary Soap, an antibaterial and antiviral soap for additional hand sanitization.

Temperature Checks

Our teams use contactless digital thermometers.

All crew will have their temperature taken before duty and any person who exhibits a temperature over 38°C will be sent home.

All customers will also have their temperatures taken before boarding and any customer with a temperature over 38°C will be denied boarding.

Crew are also equipped with digital thermometers to monitor customer temperatures during flight.

Carefully Controlled Air Quality

FlySafair’s aircraft are equipped with a sophisticated air recycling system that completely renews the cabin air every few minutes. This system operates across blocks of seat rows, ensuring all parts of the aircraft receive the same quality of fresh air simultaneously.

This system employs High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters that are identical to those used in operating theatres. These filters successfully remove 99.999% of even the smallest viruses, including those measuring just 0.01 micrometres. The coronavirus family measures between 0.08 and 0.16 micrometres and therefore extracted by the HEPA filters very effectively.

Social Distancing Seats

While physical distancing through the use of masks should be a sufficient measure, we’ve also made the opportunity available to customers to ensure that they can employ a degree of social distancing during their journey. As a policy we will fill window and isle seats before allocating passengers to middle seat, but passengers booking on our website can also select our new “Blocked Seat” option to keep the middle seat on your row open.