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FlySafair Luggage Policy

Our Lite fare is a basic fare that excludes any checked in luggage. There is a free 7kg hand-luggage allowance only. We created our fares this way so that our customers would have the option to save money, by not taking checked luggage if they don’t need it.

Many airlines claim that you get free checked luggage with their fares, but the price of that luggage is automatically built into the price of the fare. At FlySafair, we believe that you should only pay for what you need, so no checked luggage, no charge.

Click here to read the official luggage policy.

Save Money

Hand Luggage (7kgs - 1 piece) Free
Checked Luggage (20kg - 1 piece) purchased online R155 per flight
Checked Luggage (20kg - 1 piece) purchased at airport    R250 per flight
Extra Bag (20kg - 1 piece) R250 per flight
Sports or Musical Equipment - 1 piece R285 per flight
Heavy Bag Fee - 1 piece R250 per bag


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Luggage is Cheaper Online

A single 20kg checked in bag will cost you R155 when purchased online, either during the booking process or if added on using our manage your booking portal. Checked bags can also be added at the airport for R250 per bag.


Extra Luggage

You’re welcome at FlySafair even if you’re not one to travel light! Customers who need a little extra luggage are welcome to purchase an extra 20kg suitcase, either when booking tickets online or after booking using our manage bookings portal. Extra bags cost R250 each (per piece). This way you will have two pieces of luggage - your first bag (R155) and a second bag at R250.

With an extra luggage allowance you will effectively have a 40kg allowance. This allowance can be spread over the two pieces of luggage mentioned above. Neither piece should weigh more than 20kg, and the two combined should not be over 40kg.


Heavy Luggage

Our standard checked luggage allowance is 20kg. Bags that are over 20kgs will be charged a fixed heavy luggage fee of R250 per piece at the airport.  For the sake of simplicity we charge a single flat fee, rather than a scaled fee. Please note that any bag over 32kg will have to be transported as cargo.


Sports Equipment and Musical Instruments

We are very happy to transport your sports equipment for you. Sports goods or musical equipment can weigh up to 32kg and will cost R285 per piece, per flight. Please be sure to pack your sports or musical equipment in protective casing to protect it during standard luggage handling processes. Click here for special advice for transporting bicycles.


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