FlySafair Extras

FlySafair Extras

At FlySafair we believe in giving our customers options. On the one hand we know that people want to the option to save, which is why we offer our most basic fare which gets you a comfy seat and 7kgs of carry-on luggage for the lowest possible fare. On the other hand, we know that some people enjoy a few additional perks when travelling, which is why we've put together this set of extras that customers can choose from to customise their travel experiences to meet their needs and budgets.



FlySafair Luggage

Checked Luggage - from R155

Most of our passengers save by not bringing checked in luggage, but now and then you might need a suitcase. Click here to find out more about checked luggage including extra bags, heavy bags and travelling with sports and musical equipment.



FlySafair Special Needs

Special Needs

We're always happy to welcome customers with special needs and provide a variety of services to accommodate these passengers at no additional cost. There are however a few legal limitations that we need to adhere to regarding how many special needs passengers we can accommodate per flight. Click here for more information.



FlySafair Seating

Pre-Selected Seating - from R40

Are you travelling with friends and family and wanting to make sure that you'll all sit together? Perhaps you prefer a little extra leg-room, or like to sit near the front to make a quick exit after landing. Click here to find out about securing preferential seats on our aircraft.



FlySafair Ticket you can cancel

Upgrade to a Ticket you can Cancel - R200

Our tickets are generally non-refundable, but in response to requests from our passengers, we developed this upgrade product which allows you to cancel your ticket for a refund to a voucher. Click here to find out more about how it works.



FlySafair Travel Protection

Travel Protection - from R30

Make sure that you're covered should you miss your flight due to circumstances beyond your control. Our travel protection is underwritten by Chubb International and you'll be covered for a range of circumstances including missed and delayed flights as well as loss, damage and theft to personal property. Click here to find out more.



FlySafair Hotels

Cheap Hotel Accommodation

Customers who book cheap flights with Flysafair have the option to also secure great hotel accommodation rates through our hotel booking partners, Click here to check out their range of available hotels in your destination.



FlySafair Car Rental

Great Car Rental Rates

FlySafair is very proud to be partnered with First Car Rental. Customers who book cheap flights with FlySafair are also able to secure fantastic car rental rates with First Car Rental. In fact, you can save 25% on your car rental if you book a car with First Car Rental while booking cheap flights on FlySafair. Click here to check out their great rates.



FlySafair Lounges

Lounge Access

FlySafair is very proud to partner with Bidvest Premier Lounges to offer customers the chance to relax in an airport lounge while awaiting the departure of your flight.