Book Your Flights With Peace of Mind

Our Book Assured promise is here to guarantee you that we have policies in place to protect you in the event of travel restrictions. If you are exposed to COVID-19 prior to or during your journey, this will also allow you one penalty-free change so that change fees do not later disadvantage you.

Aircraft with a prohibition sign over it

Travel Bans or Changes to Lockdown Levels

Customers will be able to choose between credit to FlySafair wallet for the full value of their booking which is valid for 12 months, or a penalty-free flight change.

Two aircraft connecting on a globe

Cancellation of Connecting International Flights

If your booking on a FlySafair flight was part of a purchase through one of our international airline partners, please contact that airline who will make changes and reparations as required.

If you booked your flight with FlySafair independently to your international flight, the two bookings are regarded as separate bookings and the normal terms and conditions of your ticket will apply. These Terms and conditions will depend on the type of ticket you booked.

  1. Lite Fare allows you to make changes to another date or route at R300 per flight plus airfare differences.
  2. Standard Fare allows two penalty-free flight changes and you pay the airfare difference.
  3. Premium Fare includes the option to get a full credit to your Flysafair wallet for use at your convenience. We encourage our customers to book our Premium Fare for extra peace of mind and convenience.
A COVID-19 starand with a warning sign in the corner

Contracting Covid-19 Prior to Travel

Should you test positive for COVID-19 prior to travel, upon presentation of your proof of being Covid-19 positive, you’ll be issued with a credit to your FlySafair wallet for the full amount of your purchase. This providing your flight is due to depart within 10 days of the positive test result.

A COVID-19 starand with a first-aid symbol in the center

Testing Positive while on Holiday

If you test positive for Covid-19 while you are away, and you are required to isolate, we allow for one penalty-free changes on your return flight once your quarantine is complete, regardless of fare option booked. You will need to notify us of your situation and provide evidence of the positive test before your flight departs.

House with a person waring a mask inside outline

COVID-19 Exposure & Isolation

If you do not have a positive test result, but you feel that you need to self-isolate due to a risk of exposure either before or while on your trip, we recommend that you consult a medical professional and ask them to issue you a notice that you are unfit to fly for the recommended quarantine period.

With the presentation of one of these notes, we will offer penalty-free changes to flights (note that fare differences will still apply if there are any). In the absence of a medical note, normal change rules applicable to your fare will apply. Note that all changes must be requested before your flight departs.