What you need and need to know before your flight

Flying under Adjusted level 4 is going to be a little different from the normal process. To gain access to the airport terminal, you will have to pass a temperature screening. You will also need to ensure that you have the following 4 things on you:

1. Face Mask

Face masks have to be worn to enter the building.

2. Boarding Pass

Boarding passes issued through the online check-in process can be sent to you via WhatsApp. You can display the boarding pass barcode on your smartphone to be scanned at the airport barcode readers just before the security check. If you prefer, it can also be printed at home and presented at the security checkpoint.

3. Identification Document

Please ensure each passenger has a valid form of ID like an ID Book, South African Driver's Licence or Passport.

Children must have a Birth Certificate or a certified copy of a Birth Certificate no older than 3 months. This does not need to be an Unabridged Birth Certificate.

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4. Travel Permit

Under Alert Level 4, travel for recreational or leisure purposes is not permitted into and from Gauteng. People may, however, travel for business, or other reasons as permitted. Examples of these include:

  • Moving to a new place of residence
  • Caring for an immediate family member
  • Members of parliament performing oversight responsibilities
  • Learners and students who are travelling to and from schools or institutions when they are permitted
  • Attending a funeral
  • To transport mortal remains
  • To obtain medical treatment
  • People returning to their place of residence from quarantine or isolation

The most common purpose of travel is for business.

Many of the permits required for other types of travel need to be signed in a Magistrate's Court or a Police Station. Here's a breakdown of what is needed in each circumstance:

Reason for Travel Required Document Required Signature
Business Travel Form 7 Must be signed by Head of the Business
Funeral Form 4 Must be sworn at a Police Station or Magistrate's Court
Care for a Family Member Form 6 Affidavit Must be sworn at a Police Station or Magistrate's Court
Other Affidavit Must be sworn at a Police Station or Magistrate's Court

If you need to travel and no form fits your situation, you can get an Affidavit at a Magistrate's Court or Police Station stating the reason for travel.

Make Your Flying Experience A Breeze

Be On-Time

Check-in for your flight closes strictly 40min before departure. We cannot make any exceptions to rush late passengers through. Boarding gates close 15min before departure. Please be at the airport 2 hours before your flight leaves, if not earlier in the busy season.

Late passengers will be off-loaded and may be subject to flight change fees and fare differences.

Don't Pack Too Much Hand Luggage

Space in the overhead bins is limited, so please ensure that you stick to the hand-luggage regulations. Regulations allow you to take one piece on board with you, the weight of which should not exceed 7kg and dimensions of 56 x 36 x 23cm. You may also take one other small personal bag, which is to be stored beneath the seat in front of you. Thus you could take a handbag and small suitcase, or a small suitcase and a slimline laptop bag, for example. 

Passengers with oversized luggage will be required to check it at R250 per bag.

Bringing Checked-in Luggage?

At FlySafair, customers can choose to save by electing not to bring checked-in luggage. If you intend to bring checked-in luggage, please ensure that you have included checked-in luggage in your reservation. Please also ensure that you stick to the size and weight restrictions.

Bags can be added at the airport for R250. Heavy bags are charged at R350.

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