2022 Public Holiday Hacks

The new year brings with it many new opportunities for travel, and if you take leave at the right time, you'll be able to really maximise your holiday away, without wasting your precious leave days. So, we've put together this nifty guideline, which shows you exactly when to take time off in 2022. Now everyone can be a public holiday pro… but shhh, we wouldn't want your boss to know.

Holidays Key - Pink Public Holiday - Blue Beg for leave March 2022 - Human Rights Day Holiday Hack April and May 2022 - Easter Weekend, Freedom Day, and Workers Day Holiday Hacks June 2022 - Youth Day Holiday Hack August 2022 - National Women's Day Holiday Hack September 2022 - Heritage Day - Sadly there is no day off. But you can still enjoy a lekker braai with family and friends! Decmber 2022 - End of year bonus holiday hacks