Corporate Self-Booking Tools 

There’s no doubt that travel bookings in the leisure space are largely accomplished online. The movement to online reservations allowed the end traveler to gain direct control of their booking process in a cost-effective manner. In the business space things are a little different with many corporates opting to use Travel Management Companies to assist in managing their travel needs.

Travel Management Companies provide a great deal of value to corporates in that they not only provide a centralized resource to manage travel arrangements, but they also work to help streamline finances and reporting, while working with airlines and other travel companies to secure great rates.

But let it not be misunderstood that the presence of a travel agent in this environment has not been touched by technological innovation. To the contrary there are several fantastic technology solutions out there collectively referred to as “Corporate Self-Booking Tools” that can be used, either directly by corporates, or with the help of a deployed key-account manager, to manage corporate travel far more efficiently. Here are a few that we work with:


FlySafair GDS

Tourvest Travel Services / TravelIT

TravelIT is a platform owned and operated by Tourvest Travel Services. Like many of these self-booking tools, TravelIT provides a platform through which users can search for the flights that they need and make online reservations. These reservations would be subject to certain rules and certain automated approval processes, dependent on the user’s organizational seniority. Once a reservation is approved, the system books it on the company account and ensures that it’s appropriately accounted for and reported on.

FlySafair has a direct integration with TravelIT making our full inventory of flight content available through the channel. If you are a TravelIT client who is not yet seeing FlySafair content, please speak to Tourvest about activating our inventory on your account.

MyMarket / Boss / Rennies Online

These are all self-booking tools that are utilized by the BidTravel group of companies. Similar to the TravelIT offering, these tools allow for users to make reservations directly, which may be subject to predefined restrictions and automated approval systems.

FlySafair has a direct integration into what the group refers to as “MyMarket 2.0” the latest edition of the MyMarket/BOSS platform.

This is a new corporate booking tool that is due to be launched shortly by the awesome team at We all know Travelstart very well in the leisure booking space and, from what we’ve seen so far, we have no doubt that this tool will be set to impress corporate self-bookers to no end.

FlySafair is always at hand to help you ensure that you can gain access to our content in the most commercially viable and convenient way. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about how to access our flights.