FlySafair FlyMore Club

Get free* flights every month with a FlySafair FlyMore subscription. For a set monthly fee you will get access to an allocation of free* flights - perfect for regular travellers! Plus membership to the club offers you a host of other benefits like special offers and preferential pricing!


The first intake of subscriptions has now been reached. Click/Tap here to get notified of when registration opens again.

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Amazing Benefits

Regular travellers save money

Only pay airport taxes on monthly flight allocation

Book last minute without paying higher prices

Get access to special offers

How do I start


Login to your FlySafair account or create a new one.


Ensure you have a credit/debit card loaded on your account or load a new card.


Select one of the 3 fantastic subscription plans that would suit your needs.


Book your first subscription flight.


The first intake of subscriptions has now been reached. Click/Tap here to get notified of when registration opens again.

Membership to the FlyMore Club

Gives you access to a set number of free* flights per month.

Great for business owners, long-distance relationships, commuters, people with holiday homes, and anyone who flies MORE!

Bookings are managed through our easy-to-use booking site.

Each month's flights are for use in that calendar month and don't carry over.

When booking your free* Flight Allocations, you will only be required to pay for airport taxes, and optional extras.

Save more with set pricing each month, and book last-minute without paying high fares.

Get access to members-only offers.

FlyMore Club FAQs

What routes are available?

A FlyMore Club subscription gives you access to all domestic routes operated by FlySafair.

Can I pre-select my seats?

Yes, you have the option to either pre-select your seat when making your booking, for which you will be charged, or you can select your seat when checking in.

Can I buy Business Class versions of FlyMore?

The current subscription packages use our basic lite fare as a base. Still, you can add all the extra services associated with a business class fare into your booking when you select your flights, including the luggage allowances you need, priority boarding, meal allowance and the blocked middle seat option.

What if I need more flights than what I have in my subscription?

Additional flights can be booked through your profile as per usual and will be charged at the going fares.

Can I use one of next month's flights this months?

Each month’s allocation must be used for booking and boarding in the month in question. That is to say that you cannot access the next month’s share until the start of that month..

What if I don't use all my flights each month?

Any unused flight allocation in each month will expire and be forfeited.

Can I buy extras like checked luggage?

Yes, you can add any extras to your booking as you make it, including checked luggage allowances, sports equipment, priority boarding, meal allowances, pre-selected seats, and more.

What's the latest I can book a flight?

You can book a flight up to two hours before departure provided that there are seats available.

Can I make changes to my bookings?

Once a FlyMore booking is confirmed, no flight changes or time changes can be made.

Where can I see your Flight Schedules?

You can always check out our flight schedules on our App and website by doing a quick search on the route of your choice. You can also check this page.

Can I book my FlyMore Club Flights through your App?

This feature will be released soon. At the moment bookings are only available via our desktop and mobile website.

Can I change the name of a passenger?

No. FlyMore Club flights are intended for use by the main subscriber-only.

Can I add more people to my subscription?

At this stage, customers need a new, separate subscription account for each member.

What happens at the end of my subscription?

After twelve months, your subscription will come to an end, and you will be offered the opportunity to start a new 12-month subscription.

What if I miss my flights?

Standard rules will apply as per FlySafair's FlyMore Terms and Conditions.

What if there are no seats on the flight I want?

Unfortunately, bookings are on a first-come-first-served basis. Customers are advised to book a little more in advance for popular flights to ensure that they get a seat on the aircraft.

Do you keep seats for FlyMore Customers?

No, seats are allocated to customers on a first-come-first-served basis. FlyMore Club customers are well-advised to secure their seats on popular and busy flights ahead of time.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription, and a penalty fee equal to the outstanding value of your subscription will be charged.

What happens if my credit card expires?

You will be contacted by FlySafair to update the details to ensure that you have no service interruption. Alternately you can always call us on 087 357 0030

How much would you need to pay for airport taxes?

Airport taxes vary depending on the departure and arrival airport. Airport taxes range from R131 to R139 per flight. View our article Explaining Taxes & Fees for more information.