Our Fares

We wanted to create an airline that would open the skies to many who had never flown before, while still offering a solid service. We structured our fares for flexibility and affordability, giving holiday goers and business people the option to customise their flight the way they want to fly and only pay for what they want or need.

Our Lite Fare is the cheapest fare that we offer, it affords you a seat on the aircraft and 7kgs of carry-on luggage. With this fare, you can customise your fare and build your own travel experience by adding on various other services, each at a small fee. It is perfect for business travellers.

The Standard Fare comes complete with 20kgs of checked-in luggage, priority boarding and two fee-free changes. All other extras can still be added to this fare to customise it further.

Lastly, the Premium Fare includes two checked bags of up to 23kg, and any other special equipment like musical instruments or sporting goods, unlimited fee-free flight changes, priority boarding, a pre-reserved seat and the ticket is fully refundable to a FlySafair wallet.

Fare Comparison

Compare each of our fares side by side, so you can pick the perfect fare or build your own to suit your travel needs.

  Lite Standard Business
Hand Luggage 7kg Bag included 7kg Bag included 7kg Bag included
Checked Luggage R155 per 20kg bag 20kg Bag included 23kg Bag included
Extra Checked Luggage R250 per 20kg bag R250 per 20kg Bag 23kg Bag included
Special Equipment R285 per 32kg special equipment R285 per 32kg special equipment 32kg Special equipment included
Priority Bag Not Available Not Available Included
Priority Boarding R90 per passenger Included Included
Flight Changes R300 admin fee 2 fee-free changes Unlimited fee-free changes
Note: You will be charged the fare difference if the new flight costs more
Cancel to Wallet R300 admin fee per person, per one way R300 admin fee per person, per one way Full fee-free cancellation to wallet
Seat Reservation From R30 per passenger From R30 per passenger Included
Blocked Seat R750 per passenger R750 per passenger Included
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Base air fares are calculated using demand-based pricing

FlySafair, like other airlines around the world, uses a system called "demand-based pricing".

What this means is that the first seats on a flight, sell at the very lowest price, usually at a loss to the airline. As the seats start to sell out, they become incrementally more expensive.

What you'll find is that prices rise quickly on popular flights, like those around holiday times. Flights also tend to get pricier the closer it is to their departure time, because usually they'll be closer to sold out at that time.

The best way to get the lowest fare is to book in advance to ensure that you get those first cheap seats.

Here's a video that explains this in more detail:

Know our fare services

The need to know of each of our services included and their ins and outs.

Hand Luggage

All our fares include a free carry on bag.

Hand Luggage maximum size dimensions should not exceed 56cm X 36cm X 25cm and may not weigh more than 7kg.

Over-sized carry-on bags will attract a fine at the boarding gate.

Checked-In Luggage

We keep our fares low by excluding the price of a bag so you can travel light and keep your wallet full.

Should you wish to add a 20kg bag to your flight, this can be selected on our Extra’s page during the online flight booking process for R155. Alternately you can purchase a ticket for your bag at the airport when you check-in for R250.

Checked-in Luggage maximum size dimensions are 90cm x 75cm x 43cm.

Extra Checked-In Luggage

Should you wish to add an additional 20kg bag to your flight, this can be selected on our Extra’s page during the online flight booking process for R155. Alternately you can purchase an additional bag at the airport when you check-in for R250.

Checked-in extra luggage maximum size dimensions are 90cm x 75cm x 43cm.

Special Luggage

Special luggage will be charged at R285 per item per person per flight and is limited to 32kg.

Special luggage includes sports, musical, or photographic equipment passengers would like to travel with.

Special luggage weighing in excess of 32kg will be transported as cargo at the passengers own expense and may not be carried on the same flight with you.

Maximum dimensions allowed for sporting equipment: 190cm x 75cm x 65cm.

Flight Changes

Changing a flight on FlySafair is possible, but we must warn you that there are some admin fees that will apply.

We charge an admin fee of R300 per flight to make the change.

You will also be charged the fare difference if applicable. If the new flight you want is more expensive than the flight you had before, you will be charged the difference in the fare.

Priority Boarding

When our flights open for boarding, our teams will invite our priority boarding passengers to come forward to board first.

For a small fee of R90, you can secure your spot in the priority boarding queue at the airport.

This service is limited to only a few passengers per flight to ensure that you can board, stow your bag and get comfy in your seat quickly.

Cancel To Wallet

With the Cancel to Wallet, you can get a full refund that will give you credit in your FlySafair Wallet. This credit will be valid for 12 months.

A R300 admin fee per one-way flight will be deducted from the credit amount when you cancel your flight to Wallet.

You must cancel 24 hours or more before your flight.

Seat Reservation

Pre-flight seat bookings need to be arranged no later than 24 hours prior to flight departure. Don’t forget to book early to avoid disappointment as seats are limited.

  • Extra Leg Room seats are R100 per seat reservation
  • Quick exit seat are R70 to reserve
  • Seats on the front half of the aircraft are R60 per seat reservation
  • The remainder of the aircraft seats are R40 per seat reservation