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Terms & Conditions of Booking & Carriage

These are important terms and conditions relating to the purchase of tickets. This covers all the rules around things like refunds, missed flights, Identification requirements and other important considerations around your purchase and flight. It's very important that you are familiar with these terms and conditions which are automatically accepted when you proceed with a flight reservation.


Should any clarity be required on the details in our Terms & Conditions, such clarity can be sought before departure through our call centre on 087 357 0030 between 07:00 and 19:00, 7 days a week.



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Privacy Policy

This policy protects your privacy in terms of the information that you give us when making a travel booking and while using our website.



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Terms of Website Use

We sell goods online, so this policy outlines the terms and conditions relevant to using our website.



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Promotion & Sales Terms & Conditions

From time to time we run great promotions and competitions. All conditions relating to our promotions and advertising in general are hosted here for you to consider.