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We recognise that our customers have a choice of airlines, and we would like to win your business by virtue of superior sevice. We respect that the best way to improve our service is to listen to the views of our customers and take the to heart make improvements where we think we can make things better. 

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Please find below a selection of stories that illustrate improvements that we've been able to make thanks to the valuable contributions of our customers.

Boarding Time Communications Review

In April 2016, Ashley Brown missed his flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg. Ashley had checked in on time and decided to have breakfast with his girlfriend before going through the security gates to board the aircraft. 

During his check-in process he didn't realise that boarding was due to close 10min before the aircraft departed. When closing time came, our teams phoned Ashley on his cellphone to inform him that the flight was about to depart without him. Unfortunately Ashley wasn't able to make it to the gates on time and the flight left.

Ashley was desperately disappointed as he was flying to Johannesburg to come and watch a UK-based band that were playing live that afternoon. We offered Ashley the opportunity to change his ticket to our next flight, but the flight was going to be too late and he would have missed the concert.

Ashley is in the music business himself and took to Facebook and Twitter to plead with airlines for help to get him to Johannesburg. A number of his followers in the music industry got involved try to #LetAshleyFly.

In the end, Ashley was unable to make it to the concert in Johannesburg, but we were really disappointed that he had missed his flight, because we really try our best to communicate our cut-off times to passengers to avoid missed flights. We offered Ashley a sum of money to put toward a trip to the UK to go and see the concert he missed in exchange for some insight into how he missed the closing time for the boarding of his flight.

After a long review Ashley agreed that there wasn't really much more that we could have done and that his missing the flight was really a matter of human error. That said, we did find the opportunity to publish our closing times for boarding yet again on the footer of every email we send as well as on the boarding passes issued by our self-service kiosks at the airport.

Thanks Ashley

Fixed-Recline Slim-Line Seats

Unless you're able to travel business class everywhere you go, flying can be a somewhat cramped experience. As an airline, we wanted to make sure that our passengers would be as comfortable as possible during their flights.

As a result we decided to invest in our seats to ensure that we provided seating to our customers that was as comfortable as could be expected. Upon asking our customers, there were two major things that frustrated people: Leg room and having someone encroach upon their space by reclining their seat.

We set about finding seats that would solve these two problems and managed to find a French manufacturer who developed an airline seat that suited these needs.

Not only are these seats substantially lighter than older versions, they're also a good deal thinner, thanks to the use of modern materials used for strength and durability. The slim profile of the seats saves an extra inch, giving people just a little bit more legroom. An inch may not sound like a lot, but it can make all the difference in an aircraft.

The seats are also ergonomically designed to be at the most comfortable angle, meaning that they did not require the recline facility. This way passengers could avoid having the head of the passenger in front of them land in their laps, while everyone can enjoy a comfortable journey.

Feedback from customers has been really positive with many people really enjoying the personal space that these seats afford them - which in our minds makes it money well spent.

Priority Boarding

In October of 2015 we were getting a lot of great feedback from passengers around our service. Many business travellers in particular were really enjoying the fact that we'd mantained an excellent record for being on-time, which meant that they would be able to get to meetings without delay, and maybe more importantly, get home without delay.

One request that came up time and again was for priority boarding. These busy customers were very happy to pay slightly more for the opportunity to be able to board the aircraft first, so that they could take up their seats and get back to work.

In November we launched priority boarding on flights departing from Cape Town and Johannesburg and then early in 2016 we launched the facility in Durban. Now our business travellers can enjoy the privilege of boarding first and getting back to their work.

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Refund Blues Solved

Airlines generally make their tickets non-refundable in that seats are specially reserved for passengers who purchase them, and if they don't use them for some reason, the aircraft is very likely to fly with an empty seat.

We did however recognise that there were a number of people who were contacting us with a view to cancel their bookings. These people were generally frustrated at either not being able to obtain a refund, or for having to pay the cancellation fees that we need to charge to protect ourselves from the situation described above.

Back at our head office we put our minds together to try and figure out a way that we could provide people the facility to cancel their tickets for some kind of refund, without putting the viability of the airline at risk.

In the end we came up with a ticket upgrade product which is now available on our website. For R200 per flight, passengers are now able to opt for an upgrade that will allow them to cancel their ticket up to three days before the actual flight, for an 80% refund of the booking total in the form of a FlySafair voucher.

So far the product has proved to be very popular with a number of people taking up the facility when they suspect that their plans may change.

Click here to find out more about this upgrade.